Recommended Special Arrangements for Muslim Burials in times of Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

Performing the Ghusl

When performing the Ghusl you should make sure that:

  • contact with the body such as washing, preparation or dressing should be restricted to those who are wearing Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and have been trained in the appropriate use of PPE
  • vulnerable people and those people with underlying health conditions are strongly advised that they have no contact with the body

Funeral Prayer (Janazah Salaah)

When performing the Janazah Salaah you must make sure that:

  • the funeral prayer must only take place at the cemetery at the grave site
  • the Imam should lead the Salaah (observing the minimum requirements) and all in attendance should stand behind, observing social distancing
  • after the Janazah Salaah, the deceased should be buried immediately
  • only those lowering the body should be at the side of the grave, everyone else should maintain adequate distancing
  • the deceased should be buried in a coffin with a nameplate

Contacting the Funeral Director

You should contact your Funeral Director as soon as possible about the death and burial so they can start preparations and timetable you into their schedule. Tell them you are looking for a short notice burial according to Islamic tradition and in the Muslim section of the cemetery.

Backfilling of the grave

As long as social distancing is observed, the family can:

  • back fill the grave
  • shape the grave
  • conclude the final religious rites
  • shovels will be provided for this purpose if requested
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