Simple Funeral Plans: our no-fuss, low-fee Direct Cremation and Burial plans


A standard direct cremation or burial does not provide for any mourners to be in attendance nor any event to mark the passing. With this £300 upgrade you can welcome up to 12 family and friends for a short event at the crematorium chapel, Chapel of Rest or cemetery. A few words can be said and a piece of music can be played and people may reflect as they wish, but there is no formal service.


A Simple Funeral Plan is the most affordable way of paying for a funeral in advance.

The plan in its simplest version funds a direct cremation or direct burial, both of which comprise funerals of their respective type which are held without a ceremony and mourners in attendance.

In doing so they remove the formality of a traditional funeral, and are ideal for people who do not want a fuss when they are gone or would prefer a less formal memorial event or life celebration at a time and place separate from the committal.

If you wish to hold a small event, for £300 extra you can optionally upgrade your plan to cover the cost of a very simple “final farewell” for up to 12 people in the Crematorium chapel where words may be said and music played.

A single once-and-for-all payment can be made to pay for your chosen plan, or payment can be spread across up to 60 monthly instalments – either option can be selected at checkout.

In either case your funeral plan will be fully enacted and can be used to pay for your funeral immediately after your funeral plan contract is returned to you (normally within 24 hours of purchase) and is valid as per the schedule for funeral services anywhere in the UK at any date in the future up to your death.

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Simple Funeral Plan Type

Direct Burial Funeral Plan, Direct Cremation Funeral Plan, Direct Natural Burial Funeral Plan


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