Landican Crematorium, Birkenhead, The Wirral: Lowest Cost Funeral Package with Mourners in Attendance – Fully Inclusive Attended Cremation for up to twenty friends and family



Families are getting smaller and funerals more expensive, so Memorialise now offers a far less expensive attended alternative to a traditional funeral with our fully-inclusive Small Attended Funeral Package.

Our intimate package includes the services of a funeral director who will collect and prepare the deceased, provide a suitable eco-sustainable wooden coffin (or upgrade of your choice), and arrange for their delivery to the crematorium on the due day.

Up to twenty friends and family are permitted to attend the service and the 30 minute funeral is normally held in the quieter times between 8.00 and 10.00am (although the funeral can be booked for peak times with a larger attendance subject to availability and the payment of an extra fee).

  • The death can optionally be announced free of charge using our Free Death Notice service, with condolences received and acknowledged, charitable donations collected, and the life marked with a Lasting Online Tribute and Book of Remembrance Entry

The Funeral

The event will normally take place between 8am and 10am at your local crematorium and up to 20 people can attend. When you arrive the deceased’s coffin will already be present and on the Crematorium podium.

There is often no ‘funeral ceremony’ as such — the atmosphere is often more of a gathering of friends, family and people who knew the deceased.

You may choose whether or not to have a celebrant present, but it is usual for someone to say a few words and for music to be played including one piece chosen to be of particular significance to the deceased.

After the gathering which is usually of 20-30 minutes duration your group will disperse and the cremation will be undertaken by Crematorium staff. The deceased’s ashes will normally be available in 3-5 days.

You can choose whether to have the ashes retained at the crematorium for collection or scattering, or have them returned to you by courier at additional cost.

Funeral Arrangements

On notification of death and purchase of this package the deceased will be collected from their resting place in a suitable vehicle and transported to our private mortuary where the body will be prepared for the funeral.

This service includes the provision of a standard coffin with four handles and a name plate.

On the due day the coffin will be transported in the coffin to the Crematorium where the funeral will take place as outlined above.

Funeral Pricing

This is a fully inclusive package including all Crematorium and Funeral Director costs, where the price we quote is all you are likely to pay*.

*The only additional fees you might face are for a doctor’s certificate if required (applies to around 50%of funerals), collection from your residence fees if your loved one died at home and additional fees if they were of exceptionally large build are require an oversize coffin.

As with all Memorialise Funerals easy terms are available as an alternative to full immediate payment,  and a quote will be provided at checkout.


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