Coir Toasting Cups + Seeds



Coir Toasting Cups

These coir toasting cups are made of 100% biodegradable coir and are a great additional to any scattering ceremony. You can simply put a little of the ashes into each cup and then everyone gathered at the ceremony can toast the loved one, say what they need to say and then scatter (toast with) the ashes. They work well in small or larger gatherings.

Memorial Plants

These coir toasting cups are not only environmentally friendly but they also have a real practical use afterwards. There is often some of the finer ash particles left in the cup so you can take them home and grow a plant in them, that way you can always be reminded of your loved one. We provide a free packet of Forget me Not seeds, these can be sow into soil held in the cups, making a wonderful living reminder of your loved one.

  • Toasting cups are environmentally friendly coir pots.
  • They have a real practical use afterward, some of the finer ash particle will stay in the cup and you can grow a plant in them afterwards to remind you.
  • They are sustainable and biodegradable.
  • Unlike standard coir cups these have been designed without a hole in the bottom.
  • Free packet of Wildflower / Forget me Not seeds

They are 8cm in diameter.

Available in sets of 10.

Coir is a natural substance made from the husk of a coconut – for more information – coir

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Additional information

Toasting Cups

10 with standard scatter tube, 10 without standard scatter tube


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