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Memorialise Suppliers are commission-based service providers. Commission-based service providers typically include:

  • Crematoriums, Cemeteries and Natural Burial Grounds
  • Funeral Directors
  • Celebrants
  • Religious and Ceremonial Venues
  • Hospitality Providers
  • Add-on Service providers and Funeral Product Store Owners

Memorialise Commission-Based Service Provider

Use this form to sign up as a Memorialise commission-based service provider. After you have done so we will create a dedicated management area and back office to manage your products and administer your sales. Please check your emails and follow the Getting Started path after registering to configure your settings to your particular requirements.
  • Choose a username of eight or more letters or numbers with no gaps. Make a note of your username!
  • Use our own name if you are not a company or do not have a trading name
  • Email which will control your account and to where we should send booking and/or purchase information. This email address MUST be monitored. Usually a generic email address such as You may wish to set up a specific address to receive emails eg
  • Controls which plan you are signed up to. In most circumstances do not change this if you followed a link from a signup page to get here.
  • Ensures we provide marketing and sales information appropriate to your role. Tick all that apply or which have your interest.
  • Your password must pass our strength test on the indicator before you will be able to submit your form. When the indicator goes green you are good to go to the next stage.
    Strength indicator
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.


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