Live Streaming of Funerals and Invitations Management

Modern living means people have often moved far from the places they were born, developed and grew.  At the time of the deceased’s passing, relatives and people they once knew and who would wish to attend and show respect, may be unable to do so for reasons of physical distance, disability, age, illness, or other circumstances.

Wheresoever they are located and whatever the restrictions life has placed upon them Memorialise’s Live Streaming and Video facility enables people the deceased met on life’s journey to mark their passing, witness their funeral ceremony, and send condolences to the people to which they were most recently closest.

Government regulations on COVID-19 have restricted attendance to UK Funerals to 30. Our Live Stream Service means that anyone who wishes to “attend” a Live Streamed funeral in person can—with the bereaved’s permission—do so at distance, without the need to make travel arrangements which may not complete, or of placing other personal attendees at risk or detriment.

If you wish to restrict access, our Invitations Management system makes it simple for you to send invitations to a mailing list and for prospective mourners to seek invitations and have login credentials provided with your express approval, or refused politely without expressing ire or rancour.


  • Show your funeral Live Stream or Video Recording in one place – added to a tab attached to your Death/Funeral Notice;
  • Works with any platform and system including major professional providers supplying webcasts from Crematoriums or Churches, as well as “home video” output on YouTube, Zoom or Skype;
  • All approved music content (including background music on home video content) available on our site is automatically licensed for online use by Performing Rights Society (PRS);
User Management and Publicity
  • Make content publicly accessible, or restrict access to invited passworded users;
  • Send Invitations to View and manage Live Stream and Video Recording Access Requests;
  • Share/Publicise your video or Live Stream on social networks using excerpts and stills;
  • Show ‘Live Stream Only’ or enable ‘Recorded Memory’ viewing (for a limited period or all-time);
Create/Add-to Film or Video Memorial or Tribute
  • Keep a recording of your Live Stream/Video for all time (may involve additional third-party costs);
  • Make some or all of the content from your “All Time” funeral video part of your Video Tribute, Obituary or Lasting Memorial to the deceased;
  • Full 24/7 helpdesk support on from our Professional Video Production team;
  • Your Memorial Video enhanced by our editors and producers on request (at additional cost).

Questions? Consult the FAQ below

or Contact our 24/7 Support Team

Is it free to show a video of the funeral on the death notice?

Memorialise does not charge to show Live Streams but your AV Provider may do so as part of the Crematorium or Church Costs. Fees vary from location to location and many have ceased to charge during times of Covid-19 restrictions as people are often unable to attend the service/ceremony in person.


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