Lasting Tributes and Obituaries

Within each Death Notice we provide an opportunity for people who knew the deceased to remember and celebrate their life in words, music, pictures and video.

Each notice has a Tribute and Obituary section where the bereaved and mourners are welcome to add recollections, stories and thoughts along with photographs, videos and playlists, which collectively build into a lasting and permanent tribute to commemorate and celebrate the life that was lived.

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How do I add a tribute or contribute to an obituary?

Each notice has an Add Tribute/Memory tab where content and recollections can be shared. Stories is the place to add longer written memories and recollections. Thoughts is for shorter expressions of sympathy, entreaties, verses  and maybe prayers. The Gallery enables the uploading of photographs while Videos and libraries of videos can be uploaded or added from YouTube. Finally add and share a musical memory, song or playlist from Spotify along with a few short notes as to its significance to you and/or the deceased.


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