Lasting Tributes and Obituaries

Within each Death Notice we provide an opportunity for people who knew the deceased to remember and celebrate their life in words, music, pictures and video.

Each notice has a Tribute and Obituary section where the bereaved and mourners are welcome to add recollections, stories and thoughts along with photographs, videos and playlists, which collectively build into a lasting and permanent tribute to commemorate and celebrate the life that was lived.

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What are the rules (if any) about holding a Memorial Service and/or Ashes Scattering Events at Football Stadiums, Rugby Grounds and other sporting locations?

I am a Funeral Arranger at a major funeral director and often get asked about holding a Memorial Service or Ashes Scattering Event at the deceased’s favourite football club or other sporting site which played a key part in their lives. Is this possible and what are the approximate costs?

Almost all UK Football Clubs and other Sporting Arenas will not permit ashes scattering on the pitch or elsewhere as the remains are potentially damaging to the playing surface. But most clubs do appreciate and respect the loyalty shown by their fans and provide alternative means of remembrance including books of remembrance, plaques on memorial walls and in many cases memorial gardens where ashes can be scattered buried and in some cases a grave marker may be erected.

When there is a bigger budget, almost all sporting stadiums have hospitality suites available for rental, will actively welcome memorial events and will often offer an enhanced service for such occasions, including access to former players, boardroom, changing room and pitch-side tours for the deceased supporter’s relatives. Costs vary widely and generally depend on the size of the club.

When the sporting arena is larger, such as for a racecourse or golf course, there tends to be a more tolerant attitude from officials to permitting ashes-spreading in restricted adjacent areas — and some provide areas for the formal burial of ashes and the planting of memorial trees as well as hospitality facilities for guests.

Within the next month we will be compiling a list of sporting, theatrical and other venues detailing what memorial facilities are available at each, but until that time you will need to contact the individual venues as the enquiries occur.

We trust this free advice is useful to you. Should you need any further free advice or assistance on any funeral matter our helpdesk and concierge teams will be happy to help.

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How do I add a tribute or write or contribute to an obituary?

We welcome all contributions including tributes and obituaries.

It’s easy to add a tribute to an existing death notice. You can do a search as to whether a death notice exists on the Notices page.

Each notice has an Add Tribute/Memory tab where content and recollections can be shared. Stories is the place to add longer written memories and recollections. Thoughts is for shorter expressions of sympathy, entreaties, verses  and maybe prayers. The Gallery enables the uploading of photographs while Videos and libraries of videos can be uploaded or added from YouTube. Finally add and share a musical memory, song or playlist from Spotify along with a few short notes as to its significance to you and/or the deceased.

Anyone can also submit an Obituary (or any other article), which is usually a longer appreciation, by following these instructions:

  1. First you will need to join the site by signing up:
  2. Once you have signed up use the same link. or the menu – top right to login
  3. One logged in use the Your Memorialise menu (top right) to select “Your Profile”
  4. Once you are in your profile select the “Articles” Menu
  5. Select “New Article”
  6. Write a title, (usually in the format “[First Name] [Last Name], [Notable Achievements] of [Place to Which Connected] has died aged [age]”)
  7. Select a Category (usually “Obituary”)
  8. Write your article and add any images and click submit.
  9. Your article will be checked, and prepared for publishing. You will be notified when it is approved.


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