Collection and Management of Charitable Donations

  • Painless, efficient Donation Management;
  • Donations taken via any credit or debit card from anywhere in the world and allocated for payment to the good cause of your choice;
  • Cash and cheque donations can be manually added to total;
  • Donations can be public or made anonymously according to the user’s wishes;
  • Money seamlessly transferred to the chosen good cause;
  • Fully transparent reporting and accounting;
  • Gift Aid automatically processed (when available) meaning the money provided to the charity exceeds the donated amount.

Many bereaved use the occasion of the funeral as both commemoration of life and an opportunity to raise funds for good causes to which the deceased was connected or to thank organisations or people who had given them end-of-life care.

But managing charitable gifts can be time consuming and record keeping a chore.

Our donations-management system automatically records and processes donations, from mourners. It collects and processes payments, issues receipts, keeps records and displays a running total account of the amount given, with payments transferred immediately and automatically to the good cause’s account.

If qualified we also process Gift Aid, meaning that donations are topped-up with funds from the British government to supplement the amount given.

Charitable Donation Management is a free service from Memorialise and can be set up by anyone approaching end of life, or connected with the bereavement including relatives and friends, funeral directors, celebrants, care staff and charities.

It’s easy to make a donation to the chosen charity by selecting the “Make Charitable Donation” tab on any Death Notice or Funeral Notice listing.

Questions? Consult the FAQ below

or Contact our 24/7 Support Team

Does a “Good Cause” have to be a registered charity to benefit from Memorialise funeral fundraising?

Many causes people wish to raise funds are small community causes and other social causes which do not have charitable status. We receive many requests, for example, to fundraise for residents’ social funds at the care home where the deceased spent their last days. In this case donations might be used to pay for “extras”, such as Christmas gifts for residents they have left behind, which might not be otherwise covered by their care packages.

Similarly beneficiaries might be small sports clubs or other causes which may not have charitable status but to which the deceased had close connections.

In summary we accept any Good Cause for fundraising if requested to do so by bereaved relatives or on the wishes of the deceased. However Good Causes which are not registered charities will not be eligible to benefit from Gift Aid.

You can register to receive donations using our online form

Can payments only be made to a registered charity or can we fundraise for any good cause?

We recognise that many ‘good causes’ are not registered charities. Our system does not require your ‘good cause’ to be a registered charity and many, such as schools etc. are not. However please note that we can only process Gift Aid for registered charities.

How do I set up Charitable Donations on my notice?

Simply complete the Charity field when you add your Death or Funeral Notice. If we have raised funds for your charity before we will automatically show it. If we have not, choose ‘Add New’ to create a new charity record. Memorialise staff will contact the charity direct and set up our payment system to make payments to their appropriate account.


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