Annual Commemoration in our Book of Remembrance

Our Book of Remembrance enables you to commemorate and memorialise your loved one annually on your chosen special day—be that a birthday, wedding anniversary, date of death or any other day of your choosing.

Book of Remembrance Tributes are visible at all times but every day of the year we turn the page on the Book of Remembrance to show an illuminated tribute to the people loved ones have chosen for special commemoration. Names commemorated that day are also featured in rotation on the home page of Memorialise.

Entries in the Book of Remembrance can be created online and typically include the deceased’s name, birth and death date along with an entreaty and a personal message. You may also choose to enhance your entry with an appropriate illustration.

Book of Remembrance entries do not require your loved one to have a death or funeral notice listed with us, but if they do, you can link your Book of Remembrance entry to their obituary and tribute.

Entries in the Book of Remembrance can be placed at any time to commemorate the passing of a loved one recently deceased or from the more distant past and provide a focus and visible mark of respect and memory for your chosen day for commemoration.

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