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Free Death Notices and Funeral Notices written, published and publicised using a simple form

  • Easily create a death or funeral notice using our simple form;
  • Announce your notice across social networks and email with one click;
  • Add and share updates as funeral arrangements are made;
  • Receive and respond to Messages of Condolence;
  • Live Stream the Ceremony within the notice;
  • Manage Charitable Donations;
  • Use the notice to create a Lasting Tribute to the deceased;

Add a Death or Funeral Notice

Use our simple form to quickly and easily create death notices and funeral notices and circulate information online to friends, relatives, neighbours and colleagues. Attach a photograph of the deceased to the listing or use a serene image from our superb, extensive library, all entirely free-of charge.

Notices announcing the death are designed to be readily and informatively shared on social networks and by email with easy alerts to updates available in a single location when funeral arrangements are finalised.

Our notices are fully searchable by name and location with an ability to set alert terms and locations to keep interested parties advised when a death or funeral has been posted.

Notices are automatically linked to associated Venue, Funeral Director, Celebrant and Charity listings, enabling mourners to obtain schedules, location maps, parking and accessibility information and reference the quality of services on offer for possible future events.

The funeral notice includes a facility to offer condolences; to send flowers, cards and gifts; to donate to the deceased’s chosen cause; and to read, compose and share memories, thoughts and tributes, all in the same place.

Death and Funeral Notices create a central memorial record for the deceased which can be  supplemented with additional free features including Live Streaming and Webcasting of the Funeral within the announcement as well as invitations-management, both to the event and the Live Stream recording. We will also coordinate the collection and payment of Charitable gifts and donations, ensuring that Gift Aid is properly obtained, thus ensuring that the Charity receives more than the amount donated.

And when the funeral is over we offer the opportunity to create a lasting tribute to the deceased by adding words, photographs, music and film. Should you wish, our impressive Book of Remembrance is visible all-year-round, but will particularly commemorate the deceased’s life annually on a special day of your choice.

Our Death Notices and Funeral Notices are easy to create and can be completed by Bereaved Relatives or Friends, or others on their behalf, including Funeral Directors, Care Home Staff and Celebrants or Religious Representatives.

Add a Death or Funeral Notice

Questions? Consult the FAQ below

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How do I update/upgrade a Death Notice to a Funeral Notice?

If you created the Death Notice you can upgrade it to a Funeral Notice by viewing the notice and selecting the “Edit” link which will reopen your original form. You can also access and edit all your listings through “Your Memorialise” (in the top menu of every page when logged in)

When you access the form, change the “Type of Notice” dropdown field from “Death Notice” to “Funeral Notice” and scroll down. Additional fields will now be visible enabling you to add funeral details and other information you may wish to add your funeral notice. Once the information is added your death notice will automatically be upgraded to a funeral notice and anyone subscribing to the previous notice will be informed.

TIP: After you upgrade your notice we recommend you socially share your update with the funeral information to inform your friends/followers of the update.

What is the difference between a Death Notice and a Funeral Notice?

A death notice is an announcement which records the passing of the deceased and usually includes:

  • their name;
  • the date of their death;
  • the location (eg “at home”) and (optionally) the circumstances of their death (eg “after a short illness”);
  • the village, town or neighbourhood they may be associated with;
  • the first names of close bereaved relatives;
  • (optionally) a charity to which donations may be made;
  • an entreaty (eg “Rest in Peace”).

A funeral notice adds funeral information to a death notice and usually includes:

  • the circumstances/location of the funeral (eg service, cremation/burial);
  • the date and time of the funeral;
  • details of the funeral director/manager;
  • arrangements for flowers and/or charitable donations;
  • details of live streaming and who might attend (including how to obtain an invitation).

You can create and publish a death notice or update a death notice to a funeral notice free of charge using our Add Death/Funeral Notice page.


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