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How to Organise a Funeral – The Essential Guide to Everything

How to Organise a FuneralCheck out our award-winning funeral guide

Whether you are dealing with the recent or imminent death of a loved one or looking to pre-plan a future funeral for yourself or another, How to Organise a Funeral – the Essential Guide to Everything is the go-to resource for advice. Suitable for any scale of event from an unattended cremation to a large public Memorial Service, our guide contains practical instructions interspersed with need-to-know tips.  Sometimes wryly observational, sometimes moving, always useful, the guide packs everything you need to know in an easy-to-use format delivered in simple language with easy-to-follow instructions and practical lists and tools. View the Guide (publishes 8th November 2021 – sign up for availability alert)

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Memorialise Special Reports give you the detailed lowdown the different options available


Cheaper and less complicated to organise than a traditional cemetery burial and now accepted by most religions – so it’s easy to see why some 80% of UK funerals are cremations and Britain’s crematoriums are busy. But not all local crematoriums are as good as they should be and a new generation of crematorium operators are coming along. In our Memorialise Special Report we explain all-things cremation and what to do and look for if cremation becomes your funeral of choice. Read the Memorialise Cremation in the UK – Special Report (publishes 8th November 2021 – sign up for availability alert)

Cemetery Burial

Cemeteries have moved on from glorious Victorian Gothic traditions and usually not in a good way. Price-lists are often more complex than algebra tables and the final price can edge towards the extortionate. Specialist areas aimed at ethnicities and faiths that prefer the burial option can be attractive, but layouts and memorialisation particularly in municipal spaces usually follow park-keeper preferences for geometric designs and conformity. To understand how it works, if cemetery burial is your funeral of choice you need to read the Memorialise Cemetery Burial in the UK – Special Report (publishes 8th November 2021 – sign up for availability alert)

Natural Burial

We cannot think of any other consumer product or service where the “green” option is cheaper than the mainstream alternatives but a well-planned natural burial is the UK’s cleanest and cheapest funeral option. You will have to travel further to find your perfect setting but burial plots are affordable, the setting often outstandingly beautiful and the management usually human and welcoming. Memorialisation may be limited to a small natural stone or tree and visiting likely to suit those who favour an excursion, but “green” or not, Natural Burial should be among your considered options. Read the Memorialise Natural Burial in the UK – Special Report (publishes 8th November 2021 – sign up for availability alert)

Direct Cremation and Direct Burial

Inexpensive and fashionable, a Direct Cremation and its less popular counterpart Direct Burial means the body is removed and either cremated or buried without friends or family present or any form of ceremony. A Celebration of Life/Memorialisation service/gathering may be organised and held later. Direct Cremation is often the preferred option of the very rich and famous and people with many friends with a subsequent ceremony; but it is also the preferred option for councils performing their statutory duty in disposing of those that die alone and in extreme poverty. Make of that what you will. The Memorialise Direct Cremation and Burial in the UK – Special Report (publishes 8th November 2021 – sign up for availability alert) has detailed information.

Home Funerals (DIY Funerals)

There is no legal obligation to use a funeral director, and Home Funerals – while relatively small in number – enjoy growing interest, driven variously by spirituality, economy and practical self-sufficient cussedness. The combined self-interest of some funeral professionals and laziness of some officials mean some obstacles will be placed in your way, but if you are determined to see it through, the very supportive Home Funeral movement will provide guidance and assistance, and many suppliers of products and services you need can be bought on Memorialise.  The Memorialise DIY Home Funeral Guide (publishes 8th November 2021 – sign up for availability alert) has addresses and detailed information.

further funeral choices


Whether it’s a traditional horse-drawn carriage or something more unusual, the chances are there’s a Carriagemaster that can meet your funeral transport ‘needs’. Motorised hearses come in all shapes and sizes and a wide variety of colours. Motorcycle and sidecar? Rainbow coloured hearse? Camper Van conversion. complete with surfboard? No problem, just ask…

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Coffins & Urns

Coffin options vary from the inexpensive and serviceable through to large American-style caskets and all points in between with a wide choice of handles and fittings. Coffins are available in all types of wood and wood veneer, plus cardboard, wicker and metal. Or for a green funeral it is possible to have a shroud and not use a coffin at all.

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Memorial options depend on where you wish to place them as venues often define what is acceptable and which company may supply. We offer a wide range of memorials including grave markers and living memorials dependent on your chosen location. Easy-terms finance is available on all memorial costing £495 or more.

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Whether bringing a loved one back to Britain or repatriating a body or ashes home, we have world-class experts on hand to organise the paperwork and ensure a trouble-free journey anywhere in the world. We can organise the entire repatriation, or work with funeral directors in the UK and abroad and ensure all is in order and everything goes without a hitch.

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Giving in Memory

Almost 5,000 charities, large and small, are set up to receive Bereavement Gifts through funeral donations from Memorialise.
If you are a charity and wish to register to receive donations please register and complete our simple application form.


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