Memorialise for Funeral Directors

The Good News…

Ease the load of funeral management by using our unique Free Services for Funeral Directors

  • Promote your Funeral Director business and list your services free of charge using our stylish and informative Funeral Director listings;
  • Provide a Death Notice and Funeral Announcement for every funeral you arrange free-of charge with branding and backlink to your Funeral Director listing;
  • Social Media sharing and email lists automatically built in ensures wide circulation of death and funeral information to relatives, friends, neighbours and work colleagues of the deceased, along with other interested parties;
  • Obtain and automatically supply Venue Accessibility Information for the funeral including Location, Time, Disability Access Information, Parking, Flowers, Management and Tracking of Charity Donations as well as viewing Live Streams/Funeral Recordings;
  • Show/store the ceremony as a Live Stream, Webcast or recording within the Death/Funeral Notice, (available either for public viewing or password protected);
  • Management of Invitations and Requests to Attend from family members, friends, colleagues, neighbours and other mourners with offer of “Live Stream” alternative;
  • Manage Charity Donations including accounting, Gift Aid management, public and anonymous donations, receipts and thank-you letters with totals raised shown within the Death Notice and Funeral Listing. Funds automatically channelled to the charity or good cause in accordance with the bereaved’s wishes;

The Even Better News…

Join us as a Funeral Angel and Profit from our Funeral Bookings Work-Allocation Service

Pay only £120 a year setup/update for each branch or active location to and we will implement your price-list and booking form enabling you to become part of our approved Fair-Priced Funeral Angels Marketing Group. As part of this group you will gain privileged access to customers and generate Funeral Bookings and Funeral Director Instructions directly for your firm.

Experience the Benefits of Beatitude:

  • Receive Funeral Bookings directly allocated to you
    through Memorialise’s unique Fair Priced Funerals commission-based price/service/value comparison system;
  • Promote Nationally, Benefit Locally: Television Advertising and PR Campaigns, Targeted Digital Sales Channels, plus Professional Online Promotion and Advertising get you work in your catchment:
    benefit from the experience of Memorialise’s award-winning TV production and digital marketing team. Promoted nationally but delivered locally, your listing is your gateway to secure work as a recommended Memorialise Fair Priced Funeral Angel promoting you as a preferred option at all Crematoriums, Faith Based Venues and Cemeteries listed locally to you;
  • All types of Funeral Provision,
    including Full-Service Cremation and Burial; Budget Funerals; Direct Cremation and Burial (including enhanced Direct Cremation and Burial); 
  • Customer-Based Selection System
    rewards a combination of Price, Quality, Presentation and star-rated Customer Service Levels and Testimonials;
  • Commission-Based, so profit can be priced-in:
    you only pay a known commission on the work you receive from us and no payment becomes due until the sale is confirmed;
  • Superbly informative Funeral Partner Dashboard
    with detailed MIs showing customer acquisition hotspots, profit centres and more;
  • Strive for the sought-for ‘No. 1 Spot’ on Quality, Price and Value:
    our number 1 spot gets 50% more booking enquiries. Easily manage and adjust your Pricing and Availability to suit market conditions and work requirements;
  • Simple Choice, Easy Upsells:
    offer a Good Value service at a fixed fee, then offer additional optional services and upgrades pre-purchase or after, including coffin and casket choices and other enhanced services at a known cost;
  • Develop and Service Specialist Niches
    to stand out from the crowd and meet particular market needs; including Green/Eco Funerals and Funerals to suit particular Faiths, Religions and Belief Systems;
  • It’s Your Customer:
    once we allocate the work to you it’s your customer to charm and delight in order to secure better reviews and more future instructions;
  • Capitalise on Memorialise ‘Angel Wishes’:
    our pre-death funeral preferences service and funeral finance brand enables the deceased to make funeral choices before their passing;
  • Beyond the Grave (or Urn):
    potential for memorial and other aftersales;
  • Fully Compliant
    with both the terms and spirit of the Competition and Markets Authority recommendations on funeral services; GDPR and ICO guidelines; and future Financial Conduct Authority regulations;
  • Enhance your Listing, your Brand, and wider marketing message
    using our specialist in-house branding and marketing agency staffed with its own professional copywriting, photographic and video production team.

no sale, no further fee…

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