Direct Cremation

Direct Cremation is an alternative to a traditional funeral which separates the process of cremation (the disposal of the body) from any ceremony or commemorative event. The deceased’s body is collected by private ambulance from the hospital mortuary or place of death by the undertaker and then prepared and stored to be delivered to the crematorium on the agreed day of cremation.

Instead of holding a service at the crematorium, a private cremation is conducted at which only crematorium staff are present, after which the ashes are returned to the bereaved.

While Direct Funerals are almost always the least expensive option, they often best reflect the nature of the lives we lead today.

Relatives and friends are still able to hold a commemorative or celebration of life event but the event need not be tied to the funeral and can be held and at a location and date of their choice. By avoiding the tight schedule required to conduct a traditional funeral, Direct Cremations incur a known cost and free the bereaved to conduct any subsequent commemorations at a favoured date and better reflect the character, interest and means of the deceased.

As the funeral is distanced from the commemoration, the nature and style of any event can be particularly appropriate to the life and means of the deceased and their loved ones.

While a funeral service can optionally still be held in church, celebratory events of any kind or scale can instead be held at non-traditional venues which afford greater connection to to the deceased. Locations might include a local pub; a favourite walk or riverside; in a garden or allotment; or at a favoured sports venue with a programme of music and readings which perfectly reflects the former life of the deceased.


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