Memorialise for End-of-Life Care Providers and Hospitals is a new, free, online service which enables bereaved relatives to post death and funeral notices and create a lasting tribute and legacy for the deceased.
With many funeral venues closed or very restricted due to Covid-19, we enable mourners of many of the deaths we list to watch live streams and recordings of funeral ceremonies; to pay their respects by leaving condolences; and to share their memories of the deceased online.

As part of that process we facilitate the easy making of donations “in lieu of flowers” from within the notice to the deceased’s chosen “good cause”.

Mourners can thus find out about and reward charities and care providers who assisted the deceased and their loved ones in later life.

End-of-Life Donations to Senior Care and End-of-Life Care Providers

Memorialise receives many requests from bereaved relatives who would like to provide mourners with the opportunity to donate ‘In Memorium’ to the deceased’s care providers.

  • For charities, ‘In Memoriam’ donations can support future care or research.
  • For commercial carers, donations to residents’ social funds can pay for small additional benefits for friends the deceased has left behind.

Funds raised can vary from very small amounts to (on occasion) several thousands of pounds. There is no cost whatsoever to the recipient for using the service.

We know current circumstances means fundraisers look are looking for additional revenue sources, so if no donation is selected we actively suggest suitable “good causes” able to receive donations which might be particularly appropriate for the deceased. Their end-of-life care provider will always feature in our recommendations and we will endeavour to ensure that you are included as their selected “good cause”.

Please take a look at some current notices on and you will quickly see how it works.
Our donation management system automatically sends donated funds to the good cause and processes information for Gift Aid where appropriate. Donations can be one-offs or made on an ongoing basis, anonymous donations are available; receipts and thank-you notes are automatically sent and an audit trail is available with records accessible at all times.If you believe what we can offer is of interest and want to know how you can be involved, please contact us or call us on 07591 671179 with possible times and dates for an online meeting so we can discuss possible next steps.

Questions? Consult the FAQ below

or Contact our 24/7 Support Team

Does a “Good Cause” have to be a registered charity to benefit from Memorialise funeral fundraising?

Many causes people wish to raise funds are small community causes and other social causes which do not have charitable status. We receive many requests, for example, to fundraise for residents’ social funds at the care home where the deceased spent their last days. In this case donations might be used to pay for “extras”, such as Christmas gifts for residents they have left behind, which might not be otherwise covered by their care packages.

Similarly beneficiaries might be small sports clubs or other causes which may not have charitable status but to which the deceased had close connections.

In summary we accept any Good Cause for fundraising if requested to do so by bereaved relatives or on the wishes of the deceased. However Good Causes which are not registered charities will not be eligible to benefit from Gift Aid.

You can register to receive donations using our online form


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