Celebrant? List with us for free and we will send you Funeral Ceremony booking requests

No-work-no-fee. We pay you the full Celebrant Booking Fee for the booked and paid-up ceremonies we send to you, less 10% commission for sending the work your way - no other fees ever.

How it works: Quick Facts

  • Only 10% CommissionMemorialise is a free-to-use booking service for which assists Funeral Customers (and some Funeral Directors) in finding the perfect Celebrant for their funeral arrangements.
  • We are a fast-growing service generating arrangements from our probate and pre-need funeral plans business as well as the immediate need services we provide to end-of-life care providers. We expect to allocate 55,000-60,000 funerals in 2022;
  • Celebrants can list their services and register to take bookings through Memorialise free of charge; indeed there is no cost, nor any financial commitment involved in being listed on the service other than paying the agreed commission on the Ceremony Bookings we send to you.
  • Funeral Customers search Memorialise by location and other methods to find Celebrants who meet their service and price requirements. They can then send through a provisional booking order to their chosen Celebrant at the price you specify on the Memorialise website.
  • Should the booking be confirmed and paid, Memorialise will deduct 10% commission from the amount paid by the Funeral Customer to the Celebrant in respect of fees. We only charge commission on your fee. There is no commission on expenses you  incur (such as mileage).
  • No-booking-no-fee: Should for any reason the booking not complete and no fee is paid by the consumer no commission will be payable to Memorialise by the Celebrant.

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Your Questions Answered

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Check out the full list of Celebrant FAQs or Contact Our Support Team for an immediate response to your enquiry

About Memorialise Funeral Notices – A Valued Free Service for all your Funerals and additional revenue for you

Our free funeral notices service is seen by the customer as a service offered by you which includes many time saving features for both you and the customer. We encourage you to add notices for all your Funeral Ceremonies and Celebrations of Life. It adds to attendance, provides online Memorialisation services for the bereaved and will benefit your future bookings by enhancing your reviews and ratings.

  • Free directions, public transport access, disability access and parking information for the location
  • Free Funeral Notice Writing and Publishing Service
  • Free Publicity for Funeral Shared automatically through email and Social Media
  • Free Condolences Messaging Service
  • Free Invitation Management System for both attendance and Live Stream
  • Free Charity Donations Management
  • Free Funeral-Etiquette Guidance tailored to your event
  • Free Permanent Online Book of Remembrance
  • Free Permanent Online Memorial and Remembrance Wall

Our Free Funeral notices are also the gateway to our Free Funeral Aftercare service which generates additional work for Celebrants, particularly for repeat business from Mourners who have attended your events, as well as Memorialisation and Ashes Scattering events:

Register as a Celebrant

Postcode based Price Comparison and lead referral system which generates Bookings for Celebrants

  • Every UK postcode searchable showing Celebrants and their standard pricing. Standard Funeral Directors are automatically approved for our Thanks for Caring Bereavement Concierge Service and Funeral Assured panels;
  • Fully secure and intuitive back-office booking system enables you to confirm, rearrange or reject bookings with one click;
  • Low rate of commission – only 10% payable only on fees, not expenses and disbursements;
  • No-funeral-no-fee: if the booking cancels for any reason no payment is due;
  • Lasting Tributes through online Memorial Wall and Book of Remembrance;
  • We work on your behalf to secure reviews, ratings and reputation management: all ratings count towards your area’s “People’s Choice – Local Celebrant of the Year Awards”;

We are on Price Comparison Sites! Memorialise will be servicing all the main Price Comparison sites with Funeral Booking Capabilities

Register as a Celebrant

Getting Started:  It’s as easy as 1-2-3…

1. Check out the opposition and then add a listing to detail the services you offer;

2. Once completed, claim your listing by completing the form generated by the “Is this your Business?” link (see above). Once your listing claim is approved, personalise and improve your listing by adding further photographs, videos and additional information if you wish;

3. Register as a Celebrant to take bookings through us (it’s free) and easy to set up.

We will test the booking form with you to verify everything is working and give you a short 1-to-1 online training course on how to use the back office and connect our payment system to your bank.

Should you need further assistance our staff are available online for videocalls and chat at any time.

Register as a Celebrant

Your Listing

Never forget your listing is your online shop window and the first thing the public will see:

  • build your reputation by adding every Ceremony you conduct as a Memorialise Funeral Notice;
  • add appealing photographs and video, particularly a good headshot and a ‘talking-head’ video’ as this will show on proximity lookups and search returns;
  • add additional photographs of funerals you have conducted to gain an overview of the ceremonies you have conducted;
  • try to bring out your character in the listing copy;
  • list any memberships and qualifications;
  • list the services you offer and any unique specialties you have;
  • link up to crematoriums and cemeteries you serve and Funeral Directors you regularly work with – add them to your listing to ensure you show on their listing;
  • add any products and services you wish to your store, which will automatically show on your listing;
  • check your copy to make sure it reflects your personality and maximises your appeal

Customer Aftercare — Key to our philosophy of great service, generating you more sales and revenue

Memorialise Aftercare generates reviews and ratings and memorial sales easily and successfully through our free customer aftercare services through our 5* rated service team which include:

  • securing reviews and ratings on each cremation and funeral you undertake delivered back to your website or app;
  • boosting bookings by our staff converting leads for Ashes Scatterings and Memorialisation Dedication Ceremonies and passing them back to you;
  • sharing your free funeral notices back to your website without the need for any further editing and delivered in the format you want.

The Aftercare service can be applied at no cost through all the funerals you undertake, not just the leads that Memorialise sends you!

Summary of Our Terms

Our terms are simple and fair:

  • We only charge a 10% commission on the billable work we generate for you;
  • The commission is on your fees only and does not include external expenses such as travel etc;
  • If a funeral does not take place or is not billable you will not be charged;
  • We take credit cards and debit cards on your behalf which are immediately credited to you at the time of customer payment. You can accept a deposit and charge the remainder after the Funeral;
  • Your listing comes with a shop where you can sell any funeral-related product or service;


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