Celebrant? List with us and we will send you Funeral Ceremony booking requests

No-work-no-fee. We pay you the full Celebrant Booking Fee for the booked and paid-up ceremonies we send to you, less 10% commission for sending the work your way - no other fees ever.

How it works: Quick Facts

  • Memorialise is a free-to-use booking service for which assists Funeral Customers (and some Funeral Directors in finding the perfect Celebrant for their funeral arrangements.
  • We are a fast-growing service generating arrangements from our probate and pre-need funeral plans business as well as the immediate need services we provide to end-of-life care providers. We expect to allocate 55,000-60,000 funerals in 2022;
  • Our Directory is free. Celebrants can list their services and register to take bookings through Memorialise for free; there is no cost, nor any financial commitment involved in being listed on the service other than paying the agreed commission on the Ceremony Bookings we send to you.
  • Funeral Customers search Memorialise by location and other methods to find Celebrants who meet their service and price requirements. They can then send through a provisional booking order to their chosen Celebrant at the price you specify on the Memorialise website.
  • Should the booking be confirmed and paid, Memorialise will deduct 10% commission from the amount paid by the Funeral Customer to the Celebrant in respect of fees. We do not charge any commission on expenses you  incur (such as mileage).
  • Should for any reason the booking not complete and no fee is paid by the consumer no commission will be payable to Memorialise by the Celebrant.

Register as Celebrant | Add your Celebrant Listing

Your Questions Answered

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Register as Funeral Director

Postcode based Price Comparison and lead referral system which generates funeral arrangements

  • Every UK postcode searchable showing every local venue and Funeral Director and their CMA standardised pricing. Standard Funeral Directors are automatically approved for our Funeral Concierge Service and to receive fully-paid-up Funeral Assured funeral plan bookings;
  • Each venue and funeral director listed by proximity, price and performance with two-way booking – your listings show on local crematoria, cemeteries and natural burial grounds and they show on your listings;
  • Fully secure and intuitive back-office booking system enables you to confirm, rearrange or reject bookings with one click;
  • Low rate of commission – only 5% payable only on funeral director’s fees, not expenses and disbursements;
  • No-funeral-no-fee: if the booking cancels for any reason no payment is due;
  • Customisable to your specific needs and can be integrated with your existing booking system on request;
  • Lasting Tributes through online Memorial Wall and Book of Remembrance;
  • We work on your behalf to secure reviews, ratings and reputation management: all ratings count towards your area’s “People’s Choice – Local Funeral Director of the Year Awards”;
  • Inclusion in service generates all necessary paperwork to show CMA Funerals Market Investigation Order 2021 compliance.

We are on Price Comparison Sites! Memorialise will be servicing all the main Price Comparison sites with Funeral Booking Capabilities

Register as Funeral Director

What it is

Funeral Price Comparison and Booking Service connecting ‘immediate need’, ‘imminent need’ and ‘future need’ customers with appropriate service providers allowing them to connect to purchase funeral-related services.

What it does

Provides the bereaved with:

  • Free Funeral Concierge Service including Death Certificate and Death Notification Service: informs government departments through “Tell Us Once” service and provides notification of death to Banks, Utilities etc through free LifeLedger Service;
  • Searchable price comparison site showing all venues and funeral directors by proximity to postcode, CMA Standardised Pricing and services offered with ability to send detailed requests to make funeral arrangements quickly and efficiently at no additional cost;
  • Ability to choose range of finance options;
  • Attractive Memorialise Death/Funeral Notices sharable to social media;
  • Book of Condolences;
  • Lasting Virtual Memorial (Memorial Wall); and
  • Annual Commemoration through our online Book of Remembrance;
  • Bereavement Pack with links to Counselling, Financial and Legal Services;
  • Telephone Counselling and Support

Provides the funeral director with the following benefits:

  • Fully customisable attractive listing detailing all your benefits and services along with pricing is automatically shown in postcode proximity searches with ability to make booking requests;
  • Your own easy-to-manage store front within Memorialise enables you to generate bookings and leads and sell products of your choice. You control every aspect of your presence including listings, pricing and availability; Commission-based system with low commission rate: 5% of revenue of bookings made and products sold through us;
  • Discoverable on three metrics: Proximity, Price and Past Performance Ratings;
  • Comparison on five products: Full Service Funerals; Simple Funerals; Cremation with Last Farewell;  Direct Cremation and Direct Burial;
  • Fully featured, fast, flexible, secure and intuitive back-office booking system enables you to confirm, rearrange or reject bookings with one click; Customisable to your specific needs and can be integrated with your existing booking system on request;
  • Unlimited ability for customers to upgrade their package with additional add-on features and services to build their individual event. Offer a full range of products and services to fully meet their requirements: better coffin, horse-drawn hearse, more funeral cars etc;
  • Booking confirmation/store purchase generates immediate payment for card purchases or:
  • Offer Funeral Finance and Easy Terms Plot Purchase through our specialist Finance Provider, Funeral Safe;
  • Secure future sales through Funeral Assured;
  • Additional Revenue streams through Memorialise TV: Create quality films and record/live stream any event (including Churches and Chapels, Cemetery Graveside and Natural Burial Ground) ;
  • £150 Voucher for media production services including professional video presentation and drone filming;
  • Free Trust-Pilot style Reviews and Star Ratings system for “verified customer review” of your services with app to show on Memorialise and your own website and app;
  • Free Funeral Notices automatically add forthcoming and past funerals to your listing; Complementary announcement services include: Book of Condolences, Mourner Invitation Management, Charitable Donations Management, Lasting Virtual Memorials and Memorial Wall and Annual Commemoration through our online Book of Remembrance;
  • Inclusion in service generates all necessary paperwork to show CMA Funerals Market Investigation Order 2021 compliance.

What we do for you

All the customer service and revenue benefits of Associate plus:

The Memorialise team is rooted in successful advertising and professional productions for online, print and screen. Through a combination of advertising, marketing, promotion, constant innovation and great editorial we aim to make Memorialise the destination for funeral pricing information and bookings in the UK.

We’re about to announce our teaming up with other Price Comparison sites to provide Funeral Specific price comparison through their portals and we will continue to promote Memorialise as the place to go for Online Price Comparison. We are, and are likely to remain, the only price comparison site which seeks to provide comprehensive price comparison information for all funeral-related services in the UK.

We seek to make booking and booking handling simple and intuitive with support and assistance available to our funeral industry partners at all times.

We aim to treat all our Funeral Director friends, large and small, fairly and innovate new products and services which reward better service. If you would like to join us on our journey please Register as Bookable Funeral Director. We will be very happy to welcome you and look forward to working with you to grow your business alongside ours.

What you must do for us

Add notices of all funerals you organise to our Death and Funeral Notices section to automatically benefit from our popular Bereavement Support services and earn commissions generated by Financial and Legal Support teams.

Register as a Funeral Director

Getting Started:  It’s as easy as 1-2-3…

1. Undertake a postcode search of your locations; add listings for any locations that are not already listed;

2. Claim your listing by completing the form generated by the “Is this your Business?” link (see above). Once your listing claim is approved, personalise and improve your listing by adding photographs and additional information if you wish;

3. Register as a Funeral Director (it’s free) and complete the simple form at the link we send to you to add your pricing information.

We will test the booking form with you to verify everything is working and give you a short 1-to-1 online training course on how to use the back office and connect our payment system to your bank.

Should you need further assistance our staff are available online for videocalls and chat at any time.

Improving Your Listing

The chances are we have added basic information about you but never forget your listing is your online shop window and the first thing the public will see. Claim your listing to:

  • complete your pricing information as it shows on both your search listing and detail page;
  • add appealing photographs of funerals you have conducted, your people, to differentiate you from the rest;
  • stress your USPs – better, newer cars, friendly service;
  • give details of the location and particularly accessibility information and parking for when people visit your Chapel of Rest;
  • list the services you offer and any unique specialties you have;
  • link up to crematoriums and cemeteries you serve – add them to your listing to ensure you show on their listing;
  • add products to your store, which will automatically show on your listing;
  • check your copy to make sure it reflects your business and maximises your appeal

Your Price Comparison

We built in a range of products which we automatically add to your store; Our top-line product is a Full Service Funeral which the customer can build into a fully bespoke service by adding products. It’s easy to add and update pricing through our simple form and we automatically email you a CMA compliant PDF Price List for printing when you are done.

Your Store

Memorialise comes with a fully functional e-store where you can list any products, offers, upgrades and alternatives: Add coffin choices and options; different hearse options; build whole new packages to appeal to different interest and ethnic groups. And build relationships with other service store owners to get affiliate commission on a range of other products such as stationery and flowers.

Your Bookings

All funeral arrangement requests are alerted by email and have a push-button option to accept, reschedule and refuse. The paperwork is automatically created by the back-office and can be set to meet your payment terms. We can optionally integrate the Memorialise system with your back-office. Payment can be made by card at any time and is automatically made to you. Funeral Finance is available so you never need to worry about payment on any Funeral.

Your Funeral Notices

We offer a free funeral notice service on all funerals you organise whether booked with us or not. Funeral notices include our free services for funeral invitations management, condolence messaging, charitable donations management. You can optionally receive a feed of any notices and tributes to display on your own website.

Your Aftersales

Our optional funeral aftercare service is available on both funeral notices placed with us and funerals sold through us. The service offers reviews and ratings generation, reputation management as well as solicitation of sales of headstones and other memorialisation products through your Memorialise e-store.


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