Funeralcare slammed for no longer caring about ashes scattered in Memorial Garden following Cumbrian funeral home closure

Former Funeralcare offices in Brampton Cumbria

Locals are concerned about the upkeep of the Memorial Gardens after Funeralcare’s decision to close their office in December 2020

A Cumbrian man has criticised Co-op Funeralcare over the upkeep of a memorial garden after the group closed down their funeral home and offices.

Derek Batey of Brampton, Cumbria said the Co-op Funeralcare Memorial Gardens in Craw Hall, Brampton were a “disgrace” following Funeralcare’s decision to shut down their office at the property in December 2020.

Prior to the shutdown Co-operative Funeralcare had written to families who have relatives and loved ones ashes interned in the surrounding garden stating that it would remain open and be looked after.

Derek Batey said, however, that at present time he has not yet seen anyone maintaining the garden and surrounding areas.

“I have spoken to a representative of Co-op Funeralcare, a Ms. Dorothy Dugdale, on various occasions, and she keeps reassuring me things will happen, but at present nothing has.

“Over the years, the gardens have been a place for people to go and sit, but alas, not at the present time.”

A Co-op Funeralcare said the closure had come about through an evaluation of the company’s operations..

He added: “We would like to reassure families that the memorial garden based at Brampton will not be impacted in any way by this closure and will remain accessible.”

“We take our responsibilities around the upkeep and maintenance of Brampton memorial garden very seriously and understand how much it means to families and the wider community.

“Limited availability of contractors caused by the ongoing pandemic has meant planned maintenance work has been delayed and we sincerely apologise for any distress that this has caused. Teams were on site in Mid August and we would like to reassure the community that maintenance will be carried out on a very regular basis in future and that we’ll be monitoring this closely going forward.”

Toby Doyle
Author: Toby Doyle

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